And it’s Merry Christmas from me…

Just a quick note from the womanly half of this couple to wish everyone a happy Christmas season! And to say that I hope I’ll be able to do more posts in the new year, especially ones on the Reading Log. My lovely husband has given me two more Jasper Fforde books, and I’ve received many more that were on my list from friends and family. I’m quite impressed with myself (and a bit shocked, actually…) to find that I’ve read 46 books this year so far – and there’s still a week left in 2005! And it’s all holiday!! So besides hoping to go see King Kong this week, I’ve nothing pressing on except to dig into my stash and see what emerges as good and wonderful…

BTW – if you want to see what I’ve been reading this year, you can visit my Reading Diary list at BookCrossing. I’ve rated the books I’ve read, as well as included some links to author websites and blog entries about the books I’ve had time to write about.

Talk to you about the Christmas presents soon!

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