Merry Christmas!

So we’ve finally reached Christmas Day. In previous years the choir has been required to sing at the 9:30am service on Christmas morning, so we have sung at that, and then gone up to my parents after that. However this year the choir aren’t required, so our final Christmas service was the Midnight service last night/early this morning.

Yesterday was pretty busy. We both sang at the 2pm Christingle service, and then Beth went home to phone her family in Canada, and I waited around to see if I was needed at 4pm, and also to provide moral support to Matt who had been struggling with the broadband at the Parish Centre for two days.

The Christingle services were well attended as usual, although we had produced 200 tickets for each service (one at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm) we don’t check tickets on the way in, so numbers wise we had almost 700 people between the three services. Next year we’re probably going to have to revise up the number of Christingles we make too, as with increased numbers of children at the 2pm and 4pm, despite Steve Clayton making a Christmas Eve dash to Tesco, and a team making more Christingles during the 4pm service, we still ran out at 6pm.

The Midnight service was also packed out, with people standing in the north aisle, and also a large group of people who stood in the vestry during most of the service. Rev Richard, preached a pretty good sermon challenging many of the non-regulars who turned up to maybe come along a bit more often. For all the Christmas services this year he had had special information sheets prepared, in the case of the Christingle focusing on our Family Services, and for Midnight on the Church community, with a tear off slip to sign people up on our mailing list. It will be interesting to see if we get an increase in numbers as a result.

Anyway, the choir now gets a week off, which we’re looking forward too. By the end of the service last night my voice was starting to go, with me just not able to get the bottom bass notes in some places.

Beth and myself would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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