Serenity Wins Film of the Year


Tonight, the BBC’s Film 2005 announced the results of their annual poll for film of the year, and I have to say I am rather surprised – in top spot was Serenity, the movie version of Firefly that I blogged about in October.

I thought it might appear, as the film also came top in the SFX poll. However with it’s poor showing at the box office, and the fairly broad base of viewers to the show – it’s a general film programme, not specifically sci-fi, and the more general Total Film poll put it at number 19. Anyway, as we got to Batman Begins at number 2 I’d all but given up hope that it was even going to appear. Perhaps the most telling moment of it’s win was when Jonathan Ross asked his two studio guests if they had seen it – them having discussed most of the other films in the chart, and neither of them had. Perhaps it’s win will boost the DVD sales when it is released on February 27th, and maybe turn it into a bit of a sleeper hit.

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