Happy New Year

Kerri and Beth

So here we are in 2006!

Last night we saw in the new year with Jo and Kerri, who work with Beth, plus Jo’s boyfriend Drew, and Kerri’s housemate Lisa and her boyfriend Chris. In actual fact it was a comparatively quiet and reserved(ish) gathering, kicking off with an excellent selection of curries which Jo and Drew picked up from a local restaurant, followed up by fruit salad and chocolate cake prepared by Beth.

After dinner, as seems to be pretty common for gatherings over Christmas and New Year, out came the games. We’d brought along Fluxx, which I blogged about just before Christmas which we played first. It has to be said that it was pretty obvious who wasn’t drinking and who was – myself and Drew were driving, and Chris hadn’t drunk quite as much – as Drew and Chris picked it up pretty quickly, whilst Kerri and Lisa, who were playing as a team, still didn’t get it even when we’d finished.

It’s interesting comparing how differently the game plays with a full six players, as compared to the two player games I’ve had with Beth. Certainly there were a lot fewer rule change cards played, and as Barry pointed out any sort of strategy goes out the window. There was one point early on when after using the ‘rotate hands’ card I had all the elements for a winning hand, but then by the time my turn came round the goal had changed. Ultimately I clinched the game thanks to a lucky draw when someone played the ‘scramble the keepers’ cards, and I got the ‘let’s play that again’ card, and was able to fish the ‘steal a keeper’ card out of the discard pile. However, much more by luck than anything else.

That finished just in time for midnight, which was followed by a large amount of fireworks from surrounding houses, and then we played a game that Lisa had been given for Christmas called Name Dropping.

The general aim of the game will be familiar to anyone who has seen They Think It’s All Over, as it’s effectively the Name the Sportsman round, but with multiple categories of person. At this point Jo became rather competitive – especially as in round one, myself and Beth scored one more point than her and Drew. Ultimately we were all pretty closely matched, and for every round where we scored really well, there was one where we struggled to even score one or two. Thankfully by the end Jo and Drew did actually win by a couple of points – I suspect Drew probably would have had a harder time if they hadn’t!!! The amazing thing was that Jo still complained about not having the rules explained so it was harder for them, despite the fact that they had won!

Anyway, since we had to be up for Church in the morning, at this point we made our excuses and headed home. All in all and enjoyable evening. (There are a few more pictures in our photo gallery too.)

After church we headed off for a slightly different evening, finally getting to see Howard’s new place in Winchester (and very nice it is too). We also took Howard out for dinner and were one of the few customers enjoying the food at the local Loch Fyne Fish Restaurant – New Years Day not being the most popular night for eating out. It’s not a restaurant chain that we’d tried before, but definitely one we’d try again I’m sure, especially as they have a restaurant in Reading too.

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