Meaningful Names

If you’ve ever worked in the computer industry, I’m sure you’ve come across the big decision over what to use as test data. However I found out today, that thanks to a friend, in a certain large UK bank, my name is being used for a particular type of transaction, indeed the names of some of the other transaction types are a little familiar too…

Smith is a normal credit
Jones is a normal debit
Randle is a reject
Suravy is an invalid
Durdle is an unpaid check
Wilkins is a withdrawn entry
Peat is a P transaction (BACS talk for a weird kind of reversal)
Pearson is a standing order recall

Apparently other people in the department are now identifying transactions by these test names, so I’ve now got a strange sort of accidental fame in the bank… Maybe I can put that on my CV – bank has named a particular transaction type after me…

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