A Yard of Jaffa Cakes

At Christmas, my Uncle who for years has worked as a freelancer out of an office in the back of his garage was talking about the culture shock of going back to working in a city office environment, as he was having to do for his current contract.

Aside from the differences being around more people, one of the other things he commented on was how hard it was to avoid putting on weight as he was sat next to the desk where his office colleagues would leave cakes for their fellow workers.

I have to say that since the rearrangement of our office, which put us next to the e-commerce team, we’ve had similar temptations. The picture here shows the Yard of Jaffa Cakes that Jon came back from buying his lunch having bought. Reading the text on the box it was fairly obviously some sort of Christmas promotion, which explains why it was being sold off. It is worth saying that between the four teams around our area most of these were eaten by the end of the afternoon.

A Load of Real Cakes

However, this follows on from a load of other temptations – tins of sweets over Christmas, and chocolates brought in whenever anybody returns from holiday.

Perhaps the ultimate though was this selection of cakes that Jon brought back from the bakers a week or so ago. Oddly enough these were a bit too much for most people, so in fact some of them ended up being divided up to take home. I guess a couple of Jaffa cakes or a few sweets can slip through temptation, but you just end up feeling really bad having too many of these!!! Anyway, whether it’s cakes, sweets or jaffa cakes, working in an office can seriously damage your waistline!

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