Sea of Souls Finishes with a Bang

The third series of Sea of Souls finished with a quite literal bang, as it told the story of a girl exhibiting some pretty strange electrical activity thanks to some black magic gone awry. The guest cast included Paul McGann as the decidedly creepy Christopher Chambers, someone who right the way through the episode clearly knows a lot more than he is letting on. You also don’t know until the very end which side he is on, or even if he has a different agenda altogether.

Unlike many episodes this season, it thankfully also included all three of the main cast members – although at the beginning I was having my doubts as Monaghan is floored by an electric shock from the girl within the first few minutes. However, as he is told to rest up, this is used as a vehicle to have him researching the mysterious Christopher Chambers, and ultimately it is Monaghan who puts it all together, and it is he alone who takes on his own beliefs in the finale.

As with much of the rest of the episodes this time around, this also marked a change. Over time other characters who have been sceptical have faced events they just can’t explain. Here Monaghan is faced by a decision where what he can see, all his years of research tells him can’t be happening, but it is. Here he has a difficult decision. Rather than denying what he is seeing, he has to take a leap of faith, or risk the fact that the thing he doesn’t believe in is going to destroy him. To be honest, with the little we’ve seen of Monaghan over this series, this was a point where it could really have gone either way – although there have been events during the series that he can’t explain, they have been small. Here he is faced by something a lot, lot bigger.

It will be interesting to see where the fourth series of Sea of Souls goes, now it has moved very much from sitting on the fence over the phenomena it explores. On top of that there is also a fantastic new character in the form of Christopher Chambers, who runs a book company publishing books on the subjects that the team explore. At one point Monaghan says that he is sure that they will be seeing more of Chambers in the future, hopefully a pointer to things to come.

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