24 Day 5 Gets Started

So last night we kicked off the fifth day of 24, with Jack living incognito and working on oil rigs, Tony and Michelle back together and running their own business, and President Palmer writing his memoirs. As you can see, unlike last year when there was an almost totally new cast, we had a lot of familiar faces.

However it doesn’t last. Within the first ten minutes three of the familiar faces are taken out of the story. Palmer is shot and killed, and Michelle is killed by a car bomb that leaves Tony unconscious in a hospital bed and fighting for life. Chloe, the one remaining person involved in faking Jack‘s death quickly realises the connection, and gets in contact with Jack. The evidence at the scene of Palmers shooting quickly shows her hunch to be right as the CCTV footage appears to show Jack going in to the building.

Jack of course needs little encouragement to get back into action, and within minutes is rushing back to LA to help Chloe, although matters are complicated by him having to bring his new girlfriends teenage son along for the ride.

Of course Jack is just being used to divert attention – Palmer being the true target as he had found out about a planned terrorist attack designed to coincide with the visit of the Russian President. With the staff at CTU distracted and confused they are left playing catch-up as Jack puts some of the puzzle together and ends up in an airport terminal when it is taken over by an armed gang.

Certainly the first two episodes shown yesterday were the usual hectic start. As in previous series the need to resolve the end of the previous season and get Jack back on the move results in the believability with regards to the realtime element being subject to a good deal of artistic licence, with one or two noticeable timing goofs within the first hour. However as before I expect it will settle down. The CTU team is largely familiar, as are the politicians, both being basically the ones left at the end of last year. Of course quite who will make it to the end nobody knows, and of course since Jack ‘died’ to escape the Chinese last year, I’m sure that plotline will resurface before the end of series five.

In terms of the equipment tallies, in the first two hours Jack has picked up and lost three different vehicles, and a helicopter, however he is still on his first mobile phone.

Sky showed the first two hours last night, however they also appear to be showing two hours back to back next week too. So we should be well and truly hooked by then!

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