Cones 1

Like most office buildings nowadays, the building where I work has problems with parking. Even with a large car park, we quite frequently run out of spaces.

However, next door to us is the local football club, who have come to a reciprocal agreement with my company that allows our staff to park in their car park during the day, in return for our car park being used for football supporters when there is a game. As a result we get regular reminders about parking in marked bays only, and there are double yellow lines and cones in all the various spots where people tend to park that cause obstructions either to other staff, or to the various delivery lorries that turn up during the day.

Having said that, despite all the cones and lines, you still get people who park in the crazy places anyway, and cheekily move the cones out the way. This is a shot of one effort that I came across today. Incidentally, I’ve just moved my car out of the empty space on the right, since the whole reason the cones are put there is because with the green Vectra there, the red Citroen has a difficult job getting out, and it’s either the Vectra, or the car in the space next door (i.e. mine) is in the firing line if they misjudge the manoeuvre trying to get out.

Cones 2

However, what is really impressive is what the Vectra owner has done with the cones – rather than push them to one side, or stick them in the hedge, they seem to have quite deliberated moved the cones from where they were, and then put them back next to the car. Oh and have a look at the front of the Vectra – parked in the hedge in order to fit in too.

The final cheek is shown in the picture I snapped off on my way home. The driver of the Vectra appears to have just moved the cones out into the middle and left them, in a hurry to get home I guess. However bear in mind over all of this, that barely a minute away, right next door in fact, is a big empty car park that doesn’t involve moving cones around, doesn’t run the risk of someone hitting your car, and doesn’t involve parking in a hedge…


However it has to be said, that whilst I think that it’s just a bit of a cheek moving the cones, and somewhat of a pain that I had to move my car (although since the Citroen owner appeared to be working late I probably wouldn’t have needed to), this final picture has to be seen to be believed.

This was taken on a trip we made to Peterborough back in 2003, and we came across this in the hotel car park just as we were leaving. It always amazes me somewhat, as I can’t explain quite how the Honda got into this position in the first place, whether they were going forwards or in reverse, as we only came across the aftermath. Suffice to say that they were just going into the hotel to try and find the owner of the Rover…

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