Waiting for a Parcel can Send You Mad

Now I have to say that it is really great, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, to be able to track a parcel, especially if it is travelling internationally. You can see exactly where it has got to, and at times the somewhat circuitous route that it follows.

However it has it’s downsides. Despite the speed with which packages can be whisked around the world, sometimes it does seem to take a really long time. I had a chat to Howard last night who was getting somewhat frustrated waiting for his new MacBook Pro. Looking at the tracking page it arrived in the UK, via Amsterdam yesterday morning, having been built and shipped from Shanghai last week. However it appears to have just stopped at the distribution depot in Daventry – certainly there were no more listings after the arrival at 7:46am yesterday, and certainly no sign of the package down in Winchester.

Having said that, desperation can do strange things… For example, take a look at this photo set by io_burn, and highlighted by the Unofficial Apple Weblog. Here is another MacBook Pro purchaser a similar situation waiting for his parcel to arrive, and has constructed a surrogate MacBook Pro out of cardboard…

The only difference is that he is a US customer, and his MacBook Pro hasn’t shipped yet (although it appears to be stuck in Chicago according to his carboard web browser).

I don’t think Howard’s at quite that point yet, but if you see someone hoarding large amounts of cardboard at a flat in Winchester, it could be him!

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