Faith Needs Doubt

One of the blogs I regularly take a look at is Hugh McLeods Gapping Void. In the past it has usually been a posting, paired with a usually unrelated black and white cartoon. However, over the past few weeks there has been a bit of a change in the content on the blog. The subtitle of the blog is “cartoons drawn on the back of business cardsâ€?, however Hugh has a new toy, a Tablet PC, as a result there has been somewhat of an explosion in colour, as he explores what he can do with the new toy. Quite often now we’re just getting a number of great colour cartoons, on a variety of topics.

Browsing through some of his past cartoons, you’ll find that Hugh has done some pretty profound cartoons on a religious theme, indeed I have a copy of one pinned on my wall where the words say: “What a happy coincidence. God hates the same people I do.â€?

Amongst the new images is this one called ‘faith needs doubt’, which I think is great, and which I thought I’d share. If you take a browse back through his archives, there are quite a few more interesting pictures too.

Incidentally, if you’re involved in a Church, you may find a recent posting showing what his friend has managed to do with a Church newsletter pretty interesting too.

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