Crazy Heating

We’ve been having weird problems with our heating lately. Back on Sunday, we came home to a decidedly chilly feeling house, and adjusting the thermostat the ‘click’ was down at about 17’C, and yet the boiler was resolutely staying off. Turning the thermostat didn’t seem to do any good, the system just sat there. As a last ditch attempt, I turned everything off, turned it back on, and the boiler fired up first time.

Everything was OK yesterday, but then today when I got home from work, Beth was huddled under a blanket on the sofa, and the house was again cold. The same symptoms again, with the ‘click’ being at about 12’C. I tried repeating what I had done on Sunday, but nothing happened. So it was recourse to the emergency boiler cover that we got a couple of years ago.

Having said that, it proved to be not quite so simple. The cover is one of those things that gets paid regularly by direct debit, and until you need it – which we haven’t, to be honest you don’t really look at. When I got the paperwork out, I realised that the company with whom we had originally taken out the cover, wasn’t the company that had most recently written to us. A quick dig around on the internet found that the company had been sold twice over the past couple of years.

I gave the current company a call, who could find no record of us, so I then went back to the original cover certificate, and dialled the original number, which thankfully routed through to a real person, at the same company I’d just spoken to.

I got a really helpful girl on the phone, who tried every possible combination of post code, reference number, bank account details, but couldn’t find anything. As an aside to this, during the phone conversation, the boiler fired up – very strange. In the end she passed me over to their claims department, who found me pretty quickly on their system – it seems that as with any merger, the company ends up with multiple systems, but thankfully it allowed us to put in a call.

Following the surprise start up of the boiler whilst I was on the phone, I had another fiddle with the controls, and it seemed that the boiler had fired up to heat the hot water, but not due to the heating – so maybe it’s just a fault with the heating thermostat.

Anyway, the heating specialist phoned us back within the hour, and arranged to come over tomorrow morning to take a look.

What is interesting just now is that the time-clock had shut off the heating system as usual a few minutes ago, so I just pushed the one hour run button for both hot water and heating, and the boiler fired up absolutely normally – more than that, the radiators are all heating up, and the temperature in the house has almost reached 20’C. Hopefully this is not going to be one of these difficult to locate problems, but with the intermittent nature of the fault I fear it might be…

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