Heating Update

I commented on the end of my post about the heating yesterday that it appeared to have sorted itself out. This proved to be the case, as the system came on as normal this morning, so when the heating engineer turned up, there appeared to be no problem at all.

Beth said that thankfully he didn’t disbelieve her when she described the problem, nor did she get the heating engineer equivalent of ‘is it plugged in’. Of course he did say that with everything working it is very difficult to work out what went wrong last night. However, he checked the system over, and the only apparent fault was that the boiler took a long time to light – you could hear it sparking three or four times before the burner actually ignited.

He sorted that problem out, so it now ignites immediately, and we were left to keep an eye on it, and to call them back if there are any more problems. As it was a call out under the emergency cover, and there was a fault, it didn’t cost us anything either. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the failure last night was due to the sparking problem.

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