Clock Confusion

Sophie 3

Mrs F Bunnyobviously doesn’t like the clocks changing

Reading her Monday morning rant certainly raised a smile, especially as I read it just after one of my workmates admitted that he and his family managed to turn up an hour late for Church yesterday…

In addition, we are currently sharing the house with somebody else who is totally confused – Sophie. Twice a year we go through a week like this, as she gets totally confused because everything is happening at the wrong time. It has to be said that in some ways the clocks going back is worse for us, as she starts making a fuss for food earlier – so she’s outside the bedroom door at 5am rather than 6am. Spring time it’s more that she gets grumpy (well grumpier than usual), so both last night and tonight, we put food down at 10pm, without the usual complaining from 9:30pm. However when she thinks that 10pm has come around, she starts complaining anyway, seemingly regarding the food put down just before as some sort of bonus meal to tide her over until her proper dinner at 10. In fact she was positively sulky when I didn’t replace the food at 10pm last night – got a real ‘you’re not expecting me to eat that are you?’ look from her…

At least in a few days she will have settled down again – just a question of getting her into a new routine!

One thought on “Clock Confusion”

  1. Yes the clocks going forward have confused my two cats as well! I can totally understand where you are coming from when they start giving you disgusting looks because their routine is mixed up. These Furry Purry Friends like things on their own terms!

    Glad you have been reading my Blog – Monday was not a good morning as you may have guessed! Thigns have got alot better since.

    Enjoy your Blog very much – find it very interesting indeed – keep up the good blogging

    Take care

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