Youth Group Manage the Impossible

Youth Group Asleep in the Pews

I just thought I’d share this picture of some of the youth group taken at the dawn service this morning – just for those people who have tried to sit comfortably on the pews in our Church. Here we have ten young people apparently doing the impossible, and falling asleep in the pews. It is worth noting that they were sound enough asleep by the end of the service that it took quite a bit of prompting to get them up for the breakfast over in the parish centre.

What was also quite funny was the response of some of our ex-youth group members, back for Easter, who turned up to the dawn service and commented that they never fell asleep in the dawn service. Although it’s true that there wasn’t this sort of mass sleeping session, we certainly have had a number of them fall asleep at various points. Usually you tended to find them asleep under chairs and tables after the breakfast when we were trying to clear up, however we have had several who have dropped off during the service before.

It is worth saying that in comparison to previous years we had a pretty young crowd for the vigil, with almost half of them never having done the vigil before, as such I suspect that as with the previous youth group members they’ll start to learn to pace themselves a bit better. Plus of course since we had a relatively late dawn this year, there will be other years when the vigil will be a bit shorter.

Perhaps one of the more amusing episodes, was actually at the dawn service when the entire congregation actually managed to arrive at the Church before Rev Richard. He’d been telling everybody that he’d arrive about 5:30am, however when by 5:45am nobody had actually seen him, Richard Owen first tried phoning him, and then actually drove down to the rectory to bang on his door. Having said that, Rev Richard did manage a pretty quick turnaround, and we only started about five minutes late anyway!

As usual, Beth and myself came home pretty well worn out. Beth is really the person who pulls the whole thing together, coming up with activities, and making sure everything goes to schedule, so when we get back home about 8am, we tend to then sleep through until early afternoon – much to the bemusement of the cat. Having said that, things might be better next year. Since she has now started working on her portfolio for the Diocese, Beth has decided that she needs to rearrange her commitments at the Church, and since we’ve done Youth Group for rather a long time, we’ve decided that it’s time to take a break. So next year we may well take the opportunity to actually attend some of the regular Easter services – something we’ve not seen for five or six years!

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