They Killed Edgar!

The cast of 24 often say in interviews that they really don’t know whether their particular character will survive from one episode to the next. Certainly as a show they’ve not been afraid to kill of major characters.

Whilst sometimes it is a surprise, other times, you know that someone is going to go, you’re just not sure who or how many, as they line up one of their big character cull episodes. The episode shown in the UK last night was just one of those. You’ve known that CTU is the next target for the nerve gas plot as it was flagged up in a previous episode, and the plot has been busily bringing characters together, bringing Jack back in from the field and picking just the right time for the ever unfortunate Kim to return. However as the clock ticks closer to the halfway point of the series, and all the other major characters manage to make it to safety, it is poor old Edgar who has spent the past couple of series toiling away back at the CTU HQ, who now winds up gassed on the floor of CTU.

Having said that, with some of the combinations trapped in rooms together, particularly Tony, trapped in the medical bay with Christopher Henderson who he has just found out is responsible for the death of his wife, I suspect the major character body count may increase even more next week!

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