Can Anybody Explain This?

Queens Oak View 001

As you may know, although we don’t actually go out Geocaching very much at all now (usually only when we’re on holiday), we do still maintain our geocaches, including Queens Oak, our first one hidden up near the Church.

In actual fact it generally needs very little maintenance, so generally I just check to ensure it is still there every few weeks or so – what I don’t generally do is check inside so that I don’t have to fight my way through the brambles to find it. Anyway, I got a log for it last night from someone saying that the logbook was full, to which I replied asking about whether the camera inside the cache was used. The reply came back from the cacher saying that he had made the log book comment on the wrong cache listing, and in fact ours was fine, but that he hadn’t seen a camera. As a result, this morning I went up and took a look.

First off it took a bit of finding, as the cache was actually in the wrong spot, about a metre away from where it should have been. Aside from that it looked undamaged, however taking a look inside, there was no disposable camera.

I checked back through the logs, and the last time somebody actually reported taking a picture with the camera was back in October. Now if it was a brand new camera I’d understand, but I’m just totally bemused as to why somebody would want to take a half used disposable camera, what possible use is a whole load of snapshots of total strangers going to be? Quite apart from the annoyance, there are a whole load of cachers whose pictures are now lost, which is a shame, considering the pretty good results I’ve got from the first three cameras. You can browse through the old snapshots on the cache photo page.

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