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Apple have always had a reputation for memorable advertising, with campaigns such as the iPod campaigns being almost instantly recognisable.

Recently they’ve started a new campaign, with these two characters, one of whom is a Mac, the other of whom is a PC. Now if you are a PC user, especially one without much of a sense of humour, then I suspect you won’t find the adverts funny in the slightest, and I guess if you’ve seen them are even now working up a list of the ways in which you think that the adverts are wrong and misleading. However if you are a Mac user, then I suspect you’ll find them really quite amusing, certainly Beth and myself had a good few laughs watching them through.

It is also worth noting that as well as being amusing, I also think the adverts hit several of the right buttons with regards to points which should be made, but have been missed in the past. For example the fact that Microsoft Office is available (indeed started life) on a Mac is made in two of them. It also makes the point that iTunes and the iPod – familiar to many on the PC, integrate into the larger iLife suite on the Mac.

Anyway, the blurb that goes with the adverts can be found on the ‘Get a Mac‘ page on the Apple site, or alternatively you can cut straight to all the ads on this page where they are available to view right up to HD quality.

2 thoughts on “New Apple Mac Advertising”

  1. Goes to prove what I said about some PC users and the advert – that cartoon being an example of the comeback.

    Having said that it’s still a pretty amusing cartoon, picking up on one of the things I spotted but didn’t comment on, that the Mac user is young and hip, and the PC older and more nerdy.

    It’s an interesting choice of advert to go for though, since as recent news items have shown, the Mac is starting to catch peoples attention. Whilst the two very limited bits of malware that have appeared so far are nothing compared to some of the large scale problems that hit PC’s, I would still recommend running a good virus checker on a Mac. Also I would have thought that some of the other adverts would be easier targets, for example a Mac may be able to talk to some funky new camera, but try getting it to talk to a PocketPC…

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