I don’t know about you, but I’m never massively impressed with the technical quality of Christian web sites. Whilst there are a growing number of nicely designed sites, the majority still don’t impress. This is precisely the problem that the GodBit project has set out to address, and as such I have been keeping an eye on the project web site.

However today, a Christian site was actually picked up by TechCrunch, a well known site that looks at the cutting edge of web applications. The site in question was eBible, who are currently beta testing a web 2.0 implementation of a multi-version Bible search engine. The feature set looks pretty impressive, allowing a keyword search against any of the versions of the Bible they have, and then the ability to switch between the different versions of a selcted passage. In addition to that it also cross references the passage with a selection of other online resources, and includes relevant commentary for the passage.

Currently it is in invite only beta testing, however the web site does allow you to request an invite – and there is also a blog that allows you some insight into how the development process is going. Certainly it is a site to keep an eye on in the future.

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