Developer Day 3 Coming Up Fast

The third Developer Day is coming up fast, looking at the calendar it takes place a week on Saturday. I got in promptly with my registration, as did a colleague at work who is coming along too – both our passes turned up yesterday. As expected the event was full in just over two weeks, so it seems as popular as ever. Also as before I still can’t quite make my mind up which sessions I’ll go to – invariably I’ll go to different ones from what I plan anyway. Beth and myself are also signed up to go along to the dinner afterwards – looking at the list there should be one or two familiar faces there as well.

However, what will be slightly strange will be the people that won’t be there. Neither Dave Oliver, nor Sarah are coming along this time. From what I can gather none of the guys from SSE are making the journey up to Reading this time which is a shame, would have been nice to catch up with them.

Anyway, I expect I’ll post a report on the sessions I attended, plus a selection of snaps from the Geek Dinner too.

4 thoughts on “Developer Day 3 Coming Up Fast”

  1. I believe Sarah’s in Nice for MEDC 2006 Europe which starts on the 6th. I’m going to that conference as well but not going until the Monday evening.

    I’m not actually going to the DDD3 conference. I was too slow in getting registration organised – to be honest, once the final session list was published I couldn’t find more than a couple of sessions I was interested in. I hope I’m still welcome at the dinner though!

  2. You have all heard right, I will not be at DDD this time. I am off to the sunny climate of Nice for a short break and to go to the MEDC. I made the choice between relaxing in the sun in Nice and sitting indoors at TVP listening to talks that really weren’t related to my work as they weren’t covering mobility or embedded technologies.

    I hope you all have fun and that the geek dinner afterwards goes well. I am pleasantly surprised that people are carrying on the geek dinner 🙂

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