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Dave Walker, over at The Cartoon Church has published a thank you to people passing out his cards. I have to say that I haven’t actually given any out just yet, as I only got mine yesterday – my ‘free stuff’ radar only having spotted the offer a week or so after he made it! Having said that, one is certainly heading towards Rev Richard, who quite frequently uses Dave’s cartoons from The Church Times as illustrations for sermons and to open meetings.

If you haven’t come across The Cartoon Church the site is certainly worth a look. If you’ve got anything to do with a church, then you’re sure to find a lot of stuff there to make you laugh. Even if you don’t have much to do with a church there are still a lot of non-church related cartoons. Dave does actually have local connections, in that between 2002 and 2005 he was a Youth Worker over at the churches in Cookham. However, he also has had another of his websites, ‘The Dullest Blog in the World‘ – a send up of the content of some of the blogs you come across – reviewed by the New York Times!

Incidentally, he also spent the time transcribing the quote that Tony from the Monastery made about the churches he has visited, that I just paraphrased

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