Leaving Loose Ends


Tonight we got the second part of last week’s Doctor Who, The Satan Pit, and for once, the Doctor didn’t get all the answers. Sure he defeated the monster, but in doing so the alien planet complete with it’s ancient civilisation, and the ancient writing that couldn’t be translated were lost in the black hole. The Doctor is asked by one of the scientists in the final scene what he actually saw in the pit, but he merely dodges the question. As he says, if he knows all the answers, what is the point in continuing to travel?

Having said that, the episode itself was suitably spectacular. On the surface of the planet they had Rose trying to escape from the murderous possessed Ood, whilst down below, the Doctor took a leap of faith down into the pit. The monster had previously claimed to have come from before time, being imprisoned by a civilisation in the universe that came before (possibly the reason that the text was unknown), something which the Doctor did not believe was possible. When we finally saw the creature, it was a really spectacular giant devil. We also got an impressive sequence as the rocket from the base attempts to escape the black hole, before being sucked back by the destruction of the planet.

As predicted last week, quite by chance, and just in the nick of time, the Doctor discovers the TARDIS. We’ll put to one side quite how it ended up there considering that when the TARDIS fell down last week the pit was closed, although I guess it could be argued that it was somewhere above the pit, and dislodged – falling down the open pit when the lift plunged later in the episode… Anyway, with the help of the TARDIS the Doctor manages to rescue both the one remaining scientist, and saves the spaceship from the black hole, so we get the classic TARDIS spinning through space, hauling a great big spaceship behind it.

Interestingly, many people have described this as one of the more frightening episodes of the series – having said that, I didn’t find it particularly scary. Perhaps the devil associations add to the fear for some, I don’t know.

Next week we can look forward to Love & Monsters, where an obsessive group is trying to track down the Doctor and Rose. It also includes The Abzorbaloff, the creature that won the Blue Peter Design a Doctor Who Monster competition last year. The creature is actually played by the comedian Peter Kay, who also appears as a character called Victor Kennedy in the episode. Whether they will turn out to be one and the same remains to be seen…

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