Billie Piper Finally Confirms Her Departure


News came today, that the BBC has confirmed that Billie Piper will be leaving Doctor Who in the final episode of the series. A number of sources report that the character will be killed off too, further backed up by the prophecy made in the most recent episode that Rose would die in battle. However, the BBC has refused to confirm this.

Rumours of Piper’s departure have been around as far back as November 2005, when the Daily Mirror reported that she would be leaving. At that point, the corporation dodged the question, however as late as March this year, the BBC reported that both Tennant and Piper were on board for series three.

Certainly with the new style more character based Doctor Who, if Rose does indeed die at the conclusion of this series, I’m sure we can expect a much more subdued and contemplative Doctor when the series returns, as he tries to come to terms with her death, and not having kept his promise to Jackie to keep her daughter safe. It will also be interesting to see whether the series continues to include Jackie with both Rose and Mickey gone, or whether the series again moves on to a different era in terms of the stories and locations.

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  1. I am disapointed that Rose will no longer travel with the Doctor but I think Jackie travels with Rose and Doctor in the last episodes so she may die.

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