Giving Flock a Try


You may have spotted the announcement of a first beta release of Flock. I gave one of the pre-beta versions a try out a few months back, but ultimately stuck with Firefox as my primary browser due to the lack of stability with the pre-beta software. However this new version of Flock promises to be better.

Under the covers, Flock is based on Firefox. What makes it different is that it integrates with a number of services that I make use of such as, Flickr and Technorati. It also includes the ability to post to a blog straight from the browser, and a multi-item clipboard similar to many that turn up in programming tools and word processors.

So far it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. The Mac version crashed several times at annoying moments, so I’m back with Firefox for the moment. PC wise it seems a bit more stable, and since I don’t tend to do as much with the browser on the PC, I’m still using Flock. I haven’t tried out the blogging tools, as Ecto does me just fine. Having said that, I suspect it might come in useful for a quick post now and again. The integration is okay, but I have to say that I can find my way around the existing button I have on the toolbar in Firefox.

I have to say that the part that has impressed me the most so far is the Flickr top bar, which is very nice and smooth, and is also able to pull out pictures from other photostreams on Flickr – having said that, it’s still not impressing me enough to suggest that Flock would be my browser of choice. To be honest on current impressions it isn’t doing enough to differentiate itself and make it stand out from Firefox and a good selection of extensions.

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