Technorati Oddity

Ian posted a couple of weeks ago complaining that although it was picking up new links, Technorati wasn’t updating his ranking, and was permanently stuck on ’36 links from 20 sites’. As a result, I’ve been keeping an eye on my ranking and links, and exactly the same problem – I’ve had a couple of new links overnight, and more in the past couple of weeks, but the ranking is still stuck on ’50 links from 18 sites’. Anybody know what is going on?

3 thoughts on “Technorati Oddity”

  1. I’m in exactly the same boat. For a while, it seemed ‘T’ would only update my status every Thursday, but no such luck today. It’s kind of a known issue, and other, similar issues have been reported as well.

  2. The exact same thing has been widely reported. My own blog has not been updated in months – in fact I have a single inbound link reported by Technorati.

    The issue has been mentioned on the WordPress support forums as well.

    This, coupled with a rising number of “spam blogs” in the Technorati listings is starting to make me think that Technorati may be on shakey ground,

  3. I’ve certainly come across the spam blogs. The most recent of my Technorati links was a verbatim copy of my Garmin i2 review credited to someone else, but with a link back to my original version at the bottom. True the did credit me, but still somewhat dodgy I thought.

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