Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Today was a strange day at work. A few weeks ago it was suggested that we have an American themed barbecue to celebrate the Fourth of July. This produced some interesting responses, considering that Independence Day is celebrating independence from the UK! Apparently the idea was to share in the celebrations with our American colleagues, although of course none of them were around as they were all in the US. In fact the nearest thing we had was one of our employees who was a Canadian, who was the only person in the company without any sort of American fancy dress, and seemed somewhat cheesed off that the American staff were getting attention, but Canada Day got totally ignored! The picture shows my boss, who decorated his office in a suitable theme – no comments about our programming team being a bunch of cowboys are allowed!

Anyway, one of our sales team joined in by suggesting a selection of other British failures we could celebrate in similar fashion:

  1. A “Haggis Day� to celebrate Bannockburn
  2. “Burnt Pig Smell Day� for Rouke’s Drift
  3. Or perhaps the 100,000 troops that surrendered to the Japanese in Singapore in 1942, we could have a sushi day.
  4. Jellied Eels (Dunkirk Style)

Having said that, the barbecue seemed to go down fairly well, so maybe we’ll get another one to celebrate a more British event some time soon!

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