An Episode of Two Halves


Doomsday, the final episode of the series of Doctor Who, which was broadcast on the BBC last night was very much an episode of two halves. On the one side you have the big battle of the enemies, with the Daleks and Cybermen doing battle, the Cybermen looking to conquer the Earth, and the Daleks very much focused on their own mission to activate the Genesis Ark. Alongside this we have the much more personal stories of the Doctor and Rose, and also the Tyler family who thanks to a bit of jumping between parallel worlds, are finally brought back together.

As to the discussion as to whether the episode could live up to the hype, I think it did. If you look back to the discussion in the comments following my posting last week, you’ll see that there were a number of theories based around whether the death of Rose would be metaphorical. Russell T did play with the audience somewhat, in the way that as he has done before he tries to get Rose to a place of safety, but she comes back to help, and then she is saved from death just in the nick of time, but in such a way that she can never get back to the Doctor. Interestingly in the Doctor Who Confidential following the episode Russell T confirmed that they never considered actually killing the character. In a comment that certainly reveals some of the ethos behind the current series he stated that he wants the series to be about hope, and that killing a popular companion would not fit with that. However he then went on to describe their difficulty in finding a way to split the Doctor and Rose, as it would have been totally out of character for Rose to leave willingly. Certainly it is at this point that you realise quite how much work has been put in to getting all the Tyler loose ends tied up nicely, even down to the fact that the parallel Jackie Tyler and Mickey are put out of the picture ready to provide a nice happy end to the whole Tyler story-lines. Indeed the moment when Jackie finally meets Pete definitely raised a smile around here.

In terms of the Dalek and Cybermen story-line, this gave us quite a bit of action, with Cybermen taking on human soldiers, and later the Daleks taking on the Cybermen. There were also, as Beth commented, some pretty catty lines from the Daleks at times, probably considered unnecessary by a number in the fan community I would guess. One good thing was that there wasn’t the Dalek/Cyberman team up. The moment when the Cybermen offer an alliance in the trailer actually occurs when the Cybermen realise that they cannot match up to the firepower of four Daleks – indeed the comment is made that they couldn’t survive the firepower of just one – and offer an alliance. The Daleks turn it down point blank, and continue with their mission to activate the Genesis Ark, which turns out to be a Time Lord prison ship holding millions of Daleks. After this, the Daleks and Cybermen are swiftly dealt with thanks to the rift, with the Doctor setting things up so the two armies are sucked out of this dimension. Needless to say, the tradition of leaving things open for a rematch is maintained, with the Black Dalek escaping just in the nick of time.

This then leaves a good chunk of the episode to tie up the Rose story-line. At the height of the battle, Rose has fallen towards the rift that is sucking the Daleks and Cybermen out, but is at the last moment saved by Pete, who appears from the parallel world one last time and takes her back. A split second later the rift is closed and she cannot get back.

After this we find out why Rose is stood on a beach at the opening of the episode – she has heard the Doctor’s voice calling, and this is where he appears to say his good-bye. In typical Doctor fashion it is actually a beach in Norway, rather than the UK, resulting in the Tylers going running across Europe. But the Doctor says that he has enough power to send this last communication, and Rose declares her love for the Doctor, but the transmission ends with the Doctor in mid-sentence of his reply.

Having said that, we immediately are straight in to the set-up for the Christmas episode, with barely a pause for breath, as the Doctor looks up from the console to find a bride (played by Catherine Tate) stood in the console room. Bearing in mind that the TARDIS is millions of miles from Earth at this point, in orbit of a super nova to power the transmission, it will certainly be interesting to find out how she got there – only about 170 days to wait!

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