Funky Fan

Funky Fan

I thought I’d share a picture of our purchase on Saturday.

As some of you may know, we have Beth’s parents over for a visit, and whilst the one fan we had was fine for keeping our bedroom cool, we needed a second to put in our spare bedroom, so as it didn’t become unbearable for sleeping in there. (As a side effect it also enables the spare bedroom to be cool enough to work on the Mac during daylight – something that hasn’t been possible up to now.)

Anyway, what with all that was going on earlier in the week, we didn’t actually get to buying a fan until the Friday. On Friday afternoon Beth did a trip around several shops to find them all sold out. On Saturday morning I paid a visit to one of the big DIY stores and it was in general a similar story, with most fans sold out. All they had were weedy little desk fans, or the fan we actually got, the triple fan with neon lights. Needless to say most people were walking past them, usually with a comment about how hideous they were. However by that point we were getting desperate, so we bought one anyway.

As a side comment, the first one was dead-on-arrival, but the replacement unit worked fine.

It is indeed truly hideous with the neon on, but what people don’t realise unless they look closely, are that the neon lights are on a separate switch from the fans, and with the three separately positional and pretty powerful fans, it is doing a great job at keeping the place relatively cool as we head for some more temperature records!

5 thoughts on “Funky Fan”

  1. You realize this is just the thin edge of the wedge?

    When pink plastic flamingos start showing up on the Peat front lawn, when Richard takes to wearing loud Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts, when a large black velvet painting of Elvis gets hung in the guest room, we will be able to point to THIS purchase as “the day it all started to go horribly wrong”.

  2. I think the fact that the fan can be positioned in three directions at once is a great idea! It must work wonders at cooling the spare room.

    Being a tad unsettled in the dark when in unfamiliar surroundings … well … the lights will come in useful, just remind me not to have a night cap … lol.

  3. Do you still have this fan?
    My g/f has the same one but I just broke one of the lights…any clue where to replace the bulb?
    Are you willing to part with that fan? I could buy it!

    Thanks for any help you can provide, I’m in big trouble here.


  4. Not ever had to change one of the bulbs – looking at it I think the white plastic grilles must come off in some way but it looks fiddly.

    As to parting with it, sorry, but it gets pretty well daily usage. As Melissa has said above, with three fans that you can point in different directions it’s great for shifting cool air around the house during the humid weather we’ve been having recently.

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