On the Slippery Slope

I’m sure there will be lots of amusement over this one in Cupertino. Mere weeks after leaving Microsoft, Robert Scoble has gone out and bought a Mac!

Maybe it’s not quite such a surprise though – a look back through some of his postings reveals that his son is a massive Mac fan. However as he explains in his post, his reasons are much more practical. He is working with video, and as he says Movie Maker doesn’t cut it. Most of his colleagues are working with Macs, so it makes sense for him to get a Mac to do his video work. In an effort to calm concerns from the Windows faithful, the post finishes with a comment that he is writing the post on his tablet PC.

But that’s much the same way I started. We had a PC, but we picked up an eMac in a sale. Initially I played around on the Mac, but stuck with the PC for browsing and e-mail, however gradually we switched over. The real catalyst was when Outlook crashed and started locking up for no apparent reason, at which point I discovered that I could run a full blown mail server on the Mac straight out the box, and set up separate e-mail accounts for myself and Beth. Setting that up took a couple of hours, certainly quicker than trying to get Outlook to behave, so over went the e-mail. When I swapped I did the usual PC owner thing and got a copy of Virtual PC for all the essential bits of PC software I’d need – but that barely gets used now either.

Now when we needed to clear out all but essentials to show the house, the one that remains is the Mac, and it’s the PC’s that were boxed up. In truth, in recent months the PC was only ever turned on for playing games, everything else runs on the Mac now. So, the question is, how long will it take for Scoble to find it easier to work with one computer and install something like Parallels Workstation to try and run PC apps – but then to find that there are Mac native equivalents for all of them, which are a lot more straightforward to use that running the PC versions under emulation or virtualisation. Then almost by accident you find you’re a fully fledged Mac owner racing to get free tickets to Mac Expo!

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