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Sometimes you find a feature of something that you really can’t see a benefit for. I’m not talking about, for example an estate agent selling a house as having ‘good transport links’ when it is on a major road, something that you really just can’t understand. I have to say quite often you find such features in bits of software, and they just leave you scratching your head as to why the feature was included.

There is one such feature on the Golf, and a number of other VW cars too aparently, whereby if you hold the open button on the key fob down for three seconds or more, it opens all the electric windows in the car. Conversely if you hold the close button, it closes all the windows. Bear in mind that the car also has one-shot opening and closing of all the windows anyway, so it is a lot quicker just to use that rather than stand around holding the button down once you’ve got out.

What makes the feature even more bemusing is that it doesn’t work in tandem with the rest of the locking system. The remote central locking has a feature to cope with accidental unlocks. For example since it works by radio, my key fob will unlock the car from inside the house – so with my keys in my pocket it is possible to accidentally unlock the car. Having said that, if nothing else happens, like for example a door or the boot being opened, the car will then lock itself. However this doesn’t apply to the windows. If you squash the key for more than three seconds, the doors will unlock, and the windows will open, nothing else happens, and then the doors lock again, but the windows stay open.

Now I’ve done this once before. I was at work when the car was parked next to the building, and by chance level with my desk. Although I was on the second floor, I managed to open the windows remotely. I came out to the car after work in a rain storm to find the windows half open, and was totally bemused. However, having looked through the manual, I found details of the feature, and managed to replicate it from my desk the next day. After that I was always pretty careful.

However, last night I managed to do it again. I think I did it when I was lubricating a sticking door catch in the kitchen. In the process of bracing the door I think I must have managed to squash the key fob – so this morning I went out to find the windows of the car open – good job it’s a relatively safe area!

Anyway, apparently a Volkswagen dealer is able to disable the feature relatively easily – I can’t see a reason for the feature, so unless someone can come up with a persuasive argument, I think I’ll be getting my dealer to disable it just in case I manage to do it again!

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  1. The Alfa’s have some of the same entertainment with radio keys – I have long learnt to take keys out of my pocket and put them somewhere safe when in the house to avoid accidentally unlocking the car.

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