Sometimes there is a little bit of justice. This morning I was coming down the Barkham Road to work, and on the 40mph stretch stuck to 40mph as usual. As is often the case at rush hour I had an idiot behind me, who I can only assume was late for something. Suffice to say he was doing the usual driving too close, and periodically popping out to see if he could overtake. The moment of poetic justice though, was the point where he actually chose to do it. If you know the road, you’ll know that the stretch down the hill just after the Guide Dogs for the Blind building is straight, and with a clear view ahead, so this was the point he chose to roar past. Of course the other thing about the stretch is that it is in a built up area, often busy with children walking to school if this weren’t the school holiday, and has a number of fairly busy side turnings. As a result it has a 30mph limit and a speed camera. I have to say that there is a certain satisfaction when an idiot like that proves it even more by only spotting the bright yellow painted speed camera quite as late as he did… He did manage to slam his brakes on before the camera, but only just.

Needless to say, the idotic overtake and potential points on his licence didn’t gain him much at all, and I was not far behind him all the rest of my way to work. He just ended up following the car ahead instead of following me.

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