The Cheapest Trip to Reg Vardy Ever?

So after my discovery of another blown bulb at the beginning of the week, today the Focus went back into Reg Vardy for the second week in succession.

Unfortunately, it was confirmed as another blown bulb, again necessitating major surgery to the front of the car to change it. However, unlike last week, when it came to paying the bill, the service agent said that they were only going to charge me for the parts. Whilst they could, and I guess some dealers probably would, try to argue that the second bulb blowing was just coincidence, she said that they probably hadn’t checked the car properly when they were done last week. So they handed me a bill for a grand total of 78 pence, plus VAT, coming to a total cost of less than £1. Just the kind of garage bill I’m happy to pay!

2 thoughts on “The Cheapest Trip to Reg Vardy Ever?”

  1. I just had the worst trip to Reg Vardy ever. We found a car and have been waiting for 2 weeks to see the car. Finally today they told us we could go and have a test drive. We arrived and where told the car was in the garage on jacks,even though we’d confirmed we were comming at 2pm to test drive. When we asked for our £100 deposit back they became very hostile we had several arguments and they eventually agreed to give us the deposit back. But said that they couldn’t do it til Monday, which is crap. How ever I wasn’t getting any further so agreed. After giving the deatils I asked for a signed complip to confirm that it would be done. Then they got really shirty and asked us to leave at this point they really losting and pushed my father in la out of the dealership and on to the floor. We’re now waiting for the Police to coem to take a statement. We’ll never visit Reg Vardy Sheffield Again and never visit a Reg Vardy again. I’d urge you to so the same.

  2. Totally agree!! We have had bad experience with Reg Vardy, Edinburgh and we will never set foot in any showroom of theirs again!! We are still in dispute as the finance agreement that we came to with the salesman turned out to be totally false and we had in fact signed for higher without us being aware.
    Complete bunch of liars and cowboys and I am fighting them all the way.

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