Changing Times for the Gamers

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We had our first Games Night for a while last night, partly because Howard has been a little distracted, and had a slight shock when we arrived. Howard, for years the last bastion for Geeky bachelorhood in our number has succumbed too, and now shares his flat with more than just several thousand pounds worth of computer equipment.

As us somewhat longer term married friends took great pleasure in reminding him, he now has real food in his fridge, not just beer, and there was a bunch of flowers and some candles in the living room. He even has all his pictures hung on the wall!

Anyway, activity wise it was the usual choice of games, plus some TV entertainment too. We watched an edition of Have I Got News for You, significant because Howard and Lindsay were at the recording and wanted to see quite what the editing made of Gordon Ramsay’s performance as host – apparently by the end Merton and Hislop were really pulling no punches at all with him, although a lot of that has been edited out. We also watched a copy of the season opener from the new season of South Park – not something I usually watch – but for this episode they have linked up with Blizzard Entertainment, producers of World of Warcraft to produce an episode where the South Park characters get involved in a fight for the future of the whole world (of Warcraft). I have to say that the episode is really really funny. The episode is pretty merciless in it’s lampooning of both the developers and people who play games, and the whole episode is backed by a typically big orchestral soundtrack all of which serves to send up the importance with which the events in the game world are held. In addition the episode also includes large parts that are shown with the in-game graphics, and also parts where you can see the game graphics shown on the computer screens of the characters. Whilst I’m not about to be converted to being an avid South Park viewer, the episode was very good, and definitely further evidence of the flexibility that using computer software to fake a simple cut-out animation style can bring! Oh and at least one of our number has signed up for the game thanks to seeing it in the episode too…

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