iPod or Zune

Last week Scoble posted an interesting item comparing the iPod to the Microsoft Zune.

Subsequent to that David Caulton, who works on the Zune posted a response countering many of the points that Scoble raised.

However, what struck me as interesting is that the points that aren’t countered are the cool factor, nor the iTunes lock-in – something that all the competition in the marketplace has to try to beat, and has so far failed to do so.

Whilst I’ve seen various other geeks with different sorts of MP3 players, Scoble is absolutely right, for the kids we know in the UK it has to be an iPod too. He’s also correct that they’ve bought a lot of songs from the iTunes Store. Even if any of the competition produce a better player than the iPod (and indeed they have), the fact that it isn’t an iPod, and isn’t compatible with all the songs they’ve bought means that I doubt it will come close to knocking the iPod off the top spot.

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