Ok, I’m Lost Already


So we’ve finally got around to watching the first two episodes of Season 3 of Lost. After the multi-cliffhanger from last season, as before the first two episodes only resolve part of the story, I assume with others being sorted out in later episodes. Of course we’re also being given a whole load more information, this time about the Others, who seem to have quite a nice little village apparently on the island, and most definitely a link to the outside world. Having said that their leader, Ben Linus (who we previously knew as Henry Gale) claims to have lived on the island for his entire life. This is further backed up by Sawyers assessment of their captors.

So far we have Kate, Sawyer and Jack incarcerated in various parts of what looks like a disused zoo, with Sun, Jin and Sayid mounting an ultimately failed ambush that only results in the loss of their boat. We have yet to see anything of the other survivors, although the preview for the next episode shows that we won’t have to wait long for that. We also haven’t seen anything of the two people in the Antarctic that turned up at the end of season two.

Certainly what we have seen so far of series three has, as usual changed direction, showing the Others in a different light from how they have been seen before, and once again, it is addictive stuff.

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