London Girl Geek Dinner Video

If, like us, going in to London on a weeknight doesn’t exactly appeal, you can get a bit of the Geek Dinner experience from last night thanks to Ian Forrester of Cubicgarden. Although it surprised some people, this being a Girl Geek Dinner, the invited Scoble speaker was Maryam rather than Robert – Robert being off camera with a beer. You also get a guest appearance from Barry embarrassing Sarah with a birthday cake.

The Scobles are in town until Saturday, and are going on a Geek pub crawl with Hugh tomorrow afternoon. It will be interesting to try and spot those who joined them on Saturday at the Developer Day! If that isn’t enough, then there is a Geek Dinner on Saturday night too.

Anyway, here is Maryam Scoble talking about how she got into blogging:

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