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So tonight we had a couple of surprise visitors at Choir Practice. Andrew had been dropping hints all night that there were going to be a couple of extra sopranos coming along, and it didn’t really click who it was until they walked in!

Rachel and Kathryn appeared part way through the adult practice, and were down from their home in Scotland on part of the grand tour of the country that will be familiar to many young people considering going to university. Having interviewed at Cambridge earlier in the week, Rachel is going to be interviewing at Royal Holloway tomorrow for a place on their music degree next year.


Thinking about it, it’s actually been a while since we’ve seen them – Kathryn’s husband is a University Professor, and they originally came to Finchampstead from Scotland when he did some work in industry, heading back north of the border when he return to academia. Although they were only with the choir for a relatively short time they made a big impression, with Rachel singing a solo at our UK wedding celebration in 2001. Since they had both contributed towards the organ fund during their time here I thought they’d like to see and hear the finished article (even if the reeds are decidedly out of tune at the moment due to the cold) – so I took them both over to the Church and powered up the organ. Rachel had played the instrument previously, and she tried a few stops initially and I don’t think she noticed much difference – then she opened the swell box, and a big grin spread across her face! Although the volume has become rather an issue with certain people in the congregation, it certainly makes a great sound now.

Anyway, whilst it would be great if Rachel ended up at Royal Holloway as she’d only be a 20 minute train journey away when we needed extra help in the soprano line, I suspect that if she gets offered a place at Cambridge, that may be where she’ll end up. Certainly Danni, one of our alto line who started at Kings this term seems to be absolutely loving the experience. Whatever happens, it was great to have them visit, even if only for the evening.

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