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If you take a look at the news pages in the latest edition of Mac Format you’ll notice a two page article about the recent Mac Expo including four pictures. Aside from the main shot of the Mac Format stand, the other shots might be familiar if you’ve taken a look at our small gallery of our pictures from the event – indeed if you look at the photo credit on the page, it’s my name on there!

I got an e-mail from one of the editorial staff at Mac Format last month. I’m not quite sure of exactly what happened, but there was some issue with their photographer and the pictures he had taken of the event, so the editorial staff had taken a look through Flickr for anything suitable and had come up with the shots I’d snapped off on my mobile phone! Although looking at the magazine you can tell that my pictures aren’t quite to the same standard as the professional shot on the other page (the lighting and colour isn’t quite the same for a start), it certainly is a testament to the quality of the camera in the K750i that some of my quick snaps are able to be used in a professionally produce magazine, I assume without too much modification.

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