Strange Coincidences

Dave over at Cartoon Church this week posted an item about the Christingle Kerfuffle going on at Chelmsford Cathedral, which has made the national press, and even got the local MP complaining, about the fact that they have chosen to replace the lit candles with Glow Candles. By a strange coincidence the glow candle ‘safety’ Christingle was also the subject of Dave’s cartoon for the Church Times this week.

Interestingly, it seems like Chelmsford have been doing what us at St James have done, which is to combine the Crib Service with the Christingle, and like us, they have a lot of people attending (we actually hold the service three times on Christmas Eve now). In another strange coincidence, I forwarded the URL of Dave’s posting on to a couple of people at the Church, and the answer came back saying that we were trying out the Glow Candles too! Since once they’ve been activated, the Glow Candles last for eight hours, the expectation is that they might well be better than the candles as they will safely continue to glow well after the service, rather than the candles, which will just be blown out after the service and never be lit again. Having said that, the lights may last beyond the service, but I’m still sure that most of the sweets won’t even make it beyond the door before they’re consumed!

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