Familiar Names

So there I was, reading through Ian’s blog, and he referred to Vertigo a Christian Youth Event held in Oxfordshire. Looking at the video of previous events, I spotted that the music at one of the events was done by Martyn Layzell and his band, currently Worship Pastor at St Aldate’s in Oxford. It was one of those moments when the name seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. He’s not been at St Aldate’s too long, and I didn’t recognise his face on the Church website, so it wasn’t in a Church context that I knew the name. However having looked him up on the web, it turned out that prior to moving to St Aldate’s, he’d been at Soul Survivor in Watford, that had in turn grown out of St Andrew’s Chorleywood just down the road from where I grew up. A little bit more digging and a quick e-mail to my brother later, and it turns out that the reason I know the name is because he went to the same primary school as me and my brother, and was in my brothers class… Small world…

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