Life on Mars Spins Another Twist

So tonight, the second and final series of Life on Mars kicked off, and in the closing scenes of the first episode spins a massive new twist, when one of the voices who Sam has been hearing, and who up to now have been taken for voices of his Doctors breaking in to his apparent coma, phones Sam up and has a conversation, where Sam is told that he can return home once he has completed his task. More than that, there is a phone number that in the second episode Sam phones back – gets the same person, and is told not to phone again. There are also hints that things Sam is doing in what we thought was a coma, might be having an effect. So is he in a coma, delusional, or is he really somehow back in 1973? It’s all up in the air now, with hints that there is some larger plan involved. Certainly it all seems to be up in the air again, but only a few more episodes before we find out!

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