Meet the Vatican Webmaster

In a rare item that ties the techie and Church themes on the blog, Robert Scoble posted a video of an interview with Sister Judith Zoebelein, Editorial director, Internet Office of the Holy See – essentially the nun behind the internet presence of the Vatican – a job she’s been doing since 1995!

The interview covers both technical aspects (the Vatican runs entirely with Unix and variations, including some of the team using Mac’s), and also more spiritual aspects, as the Catholic Church explores how it can use the internet both to improve communication in the Church across the globe, and also how the changing environment brought about by the Internet affects people. There are also some interesting comments about young people and online virtual worlds, and relating this back to the real world – trying to build real communities out of the virtual. Watch out too for discussion about the problems of relating modern technology to a two thousand year old organisation, and some interesting tit-bits about who in the Catholic Church is internet savvy!

The video runs for about 25 minutes, and is certainly a recommended watch, both for the techies, and also for those interested in how the Church is trying to relate to the new world online.

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