St James Italian Evening

St James Italian Evening

So tonight we had the St James Italian Evening in aid of the Conservation Fund.

The evening was an absolute sell out – in fact more than that as there was no stage for the choir this time as a number of regular attendees at these events missed out on tickets, so the decision was made to put in another table, plus the social committee had their own table next to the kitchen rather than come in and eat with everybody else.

After feedback from the English and Welsh evenings held in previous years, the choir did slightly less, giving more time for chat – although since things didn’t actually get going until well after 8pm, we still didn’t finish until just before 11pm. The food as always was excellent with a home-made Tomato and Basil Soup, followed by Lasagne (also home-made) and a Fresh Fruit Salad with cream.

The choir did our usual mix on these events of serious items, plus some more light-hearted items. So at one point the gentlemen of the choir serenaded the ladies with a love song and roses – however we didn’t quite get the positive response we were hoping for…

Later on we did a version of O Sole Mio, which was absolutely straight until the end, when we seamlessly switched into what are now the much more well known lyrics of the Cornetto advert as a thinly disguised excuse to give out ice creams to the audience.

Amongst the serious items we did the Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly, and two extracts from The Gondoliers by Gilbert and Sullivan.

Anyway, it seems like everybody had a great time, and hopefully a goodly amount of money for the Conservation Project was raised. Although I took my camera along, Paul was there taking pictures – and since I was singing for much of it, I’ve borrowed his set of pictures instead! By the way, the next event will be a Time and Talents day which is being held on March 10th – I suspect that I’ll be offering some of my time to sort out peoples computer problems.

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