A Day to Go…

For those of you without access to Sky or Virgin Media, here is the full trailer for the new series of Doctor Who that is currently running on BBCi – but not on Freeview.

The trailer only runs for ninety seconds, but crams a lot in. We get to see some flying Dalek destruction, some scary looking walking scarecrows, lots of pigs running around and someone that looks like the Doctor saying that he isn’t the Doctor amongst other things. We also get a whistle-stop run through some of the guest stars who are turning up this time around, including Michelle Collins, Derek Jacobi toasting Utopia, a brief snippet of the Doctor apparently marrying Jessica Stevenson, John Simm looking really smarmy and of course John Barrowman is back as Captain Jack. The most intriguing snippet though is a couple of shots of someone who looks rather like Denzel Washington – an actor linked with the US revival of the series back in the nineties. He pops up at about 23 seconds, and again at 43 seconds. Having said that, since I suspect a cameo by such a high profile actor would probably have been picked up by the press by now, it probably isn’t. Sure looks like him though…

One thought on “A Day to Go…”

  1. I think it’s Hugh Quarshie, who played the surgeon Ric Griffin in Casualty/Holby City. Also, it was running on Freeview at least briefly on I think Thursday night.

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