Pick Up the Best Sci-Fi Movie of All Time for a Fiver

Serenity [2005]

The recent SFX best Sci-Fi movie has produced a bit of surprise result. Usually the results of such surveys are predictable, with Star Wars and Blade Runner heading the list, but this time, number one spot went to Serenity, the movie version of the cancelled Joss Whedon Sci-Fi/Western Firefly. It didn’t just sneak by either, it achieved 61% of the vote, with the second placed Star Wars only managing 28%. Of course it’s not the first time the film, which was decidedly poorly publicised over here has pulled off a win like this, it scooped the film of the year award from Film 2005 too. The win has even made it to the national news, although it’s interesting to note that when put to a more general audience, the on page vote currently puts Star Wars about 8% ahead of Serenity.

The win has also given sales of the Serenity DVD a boost – within 24 hours of the news breaking, sales on Amazon had increased by 860% – not surprising since the DVD is available for a couple on pence under £5 and has over 250 reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. It is definitely worth picking up, if only to see what all the fuss is about. More than that, do yourself a favour and watch the series before seeing the film, believe me it will make things easier to follow, and flesh out the back-story a lot more.

So is it the best Sci-Fi movie of all time? Opinion is sharply divided, there is a definite love it or loathe it aspect to some of the comments. I also think that for fans of the series it’s as much a vote for the whole series as for the movie itself – coming to the movie cold without having seen the series, you probably won’t get what the fans love about it. Elements such as the weird mix of Chinese and Western elements will just seem bizarre I’m sure. I have to say that I like all three of the top movies – Star Wars, Blade Runner and Serenity all have elements that make them stand out, but to choose between them? I really don’t know.

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  1. I did enjoy both Firefly and Serenity probably because of the real humanity which is evident in the characters. Michael (my hubby) thinks Joss Whedon has a real nihilistic outlook and that this pervades most of his work – I can see it sometimes but I’m not sure it’s always there for me. It’s good but best Science Fiction film ever? I personally would have put Bladerunner higher. Star Wars… well if it’s the whole original trilogy maybe. 2001 really isn’t my cup of tea. I loved Stargate but I think the Fifth Element wins for me for it’s kookiness!

    p.s. What about the Peacekeeper Wars??!! (ok not as great as the rest of farscape but it should be in there!!)

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