Life on Mars Finale Hints

The BBC have started running trailers for the Life on Mars Finale. Needless to say the trailer drops some tantalising hints, with DCI Frank Morgan (according to the Radio Times the part played by his namesake in the Wizard of Oz is significant) telling Sam that he is suffering from amnesia, and then a shot of a gravestone belonging to Sam Tyler, but one who died in the nineteenth century. All very confusing, and I’m sure we won’t know what’s really going on until next week.

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  1. I, too, have been baffled by the trailers for the final episode of ‘Life On Mars’. The fact that the name of Frank Morgan is the same as that of the actor who played The Wizard in The Wizard of Oz is becoming more and more well known surely underlines the parallels between Life On Mars and The Wizard of Oz as being more of design than coincidence. Also, during the trailers, Sam Tyler shouts ‘my name is TYLER!’ which either means that the character to whom he is shouting (again, Frank Morgan?) assumes that Sam Tyler is someone else. Or that Sam Tyler IS in effect someone else and has always been assuming that his name is Sam Tyler! Given the complete contradiction in every way between Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt, could Gene Hunt be Sam Tyler’s alter-ego, therefore necessitating the ‘removal’ of Gene Hunt so that Sam can be released from his 1973 mind-set? But that begs the question, if Gene Hunt is merely an alter-ego, how can he have a spin-off series? Unless Sam Tyler is Gene Hunt’s alter-ego…… Or the spin-off series is another coma/dream sequence within Sam’s mind?
    And for those that saw the Life On Mars ‘exclusive’ article in The Mirror may have noticed the grey haired-head of the person standing next to Sam’s hospital bed… could this be an aged Hunt or Annie??

  2. Andrew Billen’s TV review column in The Times today talks about a follow up programme Ashes to Ashes set in 1981 when Gene Hunt is seconded to London

  3. Even after watching the finale, I’ve still got a lot of questions. Hopefully they’ll be answered in Ashes to Ashes, though it’ll probably just give us even more questions to ask!

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