Nokia N73 Camera

Night Shot of Reading

One of the disappointing aspects of my current phone, the Nokia N73, has to be the camera. Maybe I’ve been spoilt before with the Sony Ericsson K750i, which produced great pictures, but the quality of the images produced by the Nokia N73 aren’t up to the standard of pictures produced by the lower resolution K750 camera.

On paper, the Nokia N73 sounds like it should be producing good pictures. It has a 3.2 Megapixel camera, with Carl Zeiss optics, however what comes out is usually fairly noisy pictures, and quite often with a weird purple hue. You can see the effect looking at the night shot of Reading I took last night. Although the centre of the image is pretty good, heading towards the left and right edges, and less so on the top and bottom, the picture gets increasingly noisy – bear in mind that the image here has already had noise reduction filters applied to it. The effects of trying to remove the hue can also be seen if you take a look at the set of pictures I tool last week at Wellington College, all of which required work in photoshop to be presentable. Certainly with the K750 I didn’t have the same issue.

Unfortunately, at the point I signed up for X-Series, this was the only choice of handset – ideally I would have liked to have gone for a Sony Ericsson K800 which is much more focused on taking good quality pictures. Maybe when upgrade time comes around there will be some choice…

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