Beth’s Pictures Posted

Beth has posted her set of pictures from our week down around Taizé.

Although she tended to avoid duplicating my pictures when she knew I’d taken a shot, there are some opportunities for comparison between the performance of her new Canon IXUS and my older Fujifilm Finepix.

Differences to note are firstly that although on paper the Canon has the higher resolution, the Fujifilm produces higher resolution pictures thanks to the Super CCD – although whether the interpolation that the camera does to produce the higher resolution picture produces a better picture is open for debate. Secondly, and probably the biggest difference when shooting in low light conditions such as those for many of the interior shots is that the Canon has an optical image stabiliser which makes a big difference to being able to get a decent shot. Whilst I was having to ensure that the camera was totally still for a lot of shots – and a number of them that looked fine on the camera display were binned from my set – in most cases Beth just pointed the camera and took the picture. The results certainly justify the decision to opt for a lower resolution model with an optical image stabiliser (indicated by an IS in the model number) rather than a higher resolution model without. For direct comparison, check out in particular some of the stained glass window shots that we both took.

Anyway, for a different look at our trip, take a browse through Beth’s pictures.

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