The Fridge is Toast

No Beer in the Beer Chiller

As Beth mentioned in her post today, our Fridge-Freezer is toast… Well the fridge part is – and you could probably make toast on the back with how much it is running – however the freezer is freezing very nicely.

The problem has been coming on for a while. Before we went on holiday, we had a nice little glacier growing down the back wall inside the fridge. Everything was nicely chilled, but it didn’t seem overly right, so after a discussion with Beth we turned down the power on the fridge, which resulted in a lot of the ice melting. This unfortunately collected in the bottom of the fridge as the drain at the back was blocked, so Beth cleaned that out by putting some warm water mixed with a little bleach down. This cleared the blockage, but unfortunately when we came back from holiday the inside was a bit cool, but not exactly cold, so we turned the fridge up.

This made it slightly cooler, but not much, so again after some discussion and a bit of research online we decided to totally defrost the freezer part of the unit. This improved the situation slightly as the fridge compartment got a bit cooler, but again not cool enough – and to keep it not cool enough the motor on the fridge was running permanently. As a result, today we called out the repair man.

He spent fifteen minutes looking at it, checking the replaceable parts and since we’d already cleaned the outflow, defrosted the freezer and all the other possibilities announced that it wasn’t viable to repair – all the other options related to either problems with the gas in the heat exchanger at the back, or other things that couldn’t be easily fixed. The only option was replacement.

Here comes the next problem, our fridge/freezer is built in, hence the manufacturers bump the price up a bit, and it’s a special order too. They had a suitable replacement that was the right dimensions and the right proportions for doors, but it has to be ordered in.

Hence why we have what is pictured above in our living room. It’s one of those party beer coolers that they usually sell for barbecues, in this case with Stella Artois branding all over it. However with the shelf removed it can take a couple of bottles of milk, a few yoghurts, some margarine and some packs of meat – all the stuff from the fridge that will go off!

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