Drop it, Hide it, Lose it

The office across the road from us has been empty for the past couple of months – even when it was occupied they never used the delivery entrance I can see from the window. I’ve just watched a DHL driver come around to the back, stop in the middle of the road, ring the bell and then scan, sign for and leave propped up against the back door a parcel, before driving off.

One thought on “Drop it, Hide it, Lose it”

  1. Our home address is exactly the same as that of a house in a diffferent district of Toronto (actually, on an Island in Toronto Harbour) save only for the postal code. We often get mail for them and they for us, and we just re-address it with a snide poke at the postie for not reading the postal code.

    Recently, DHL delivered to us a parcel for the Island folk. I e-mailed the Islanders for instructions and they said to simply call DHL for a pick-up, which would be at no charge to either of us.

    Sure enough DHL cheerfully picked up the parcel (on which I had written explanatory notes about Toronto Island) and the next day DHL cheerfully delivered the same parcel to MY HOUSE AGAIN!

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